Where I’ve Been


Hi Friends-

I never intended to take a break like I did these last few weeks but it happened. I am still learning the fine art of balancing blogging and life. Two weeks ago I went on vacation with high hopes of writing the whole week. Visions of blogging in the crisp mountain air sipping coffee filled my mind as I boarded a plane home. What I did not realize was that internet where I was going was not to be found except for an internet cafe with a 15 minute limit that was always occupied or paying some outlandish price (something like $7 or $8) per hour! This poor college girl could not stomach that. I went with the no internet instead. So I resorted to my beloved iPhone, when I had to have my social media fix, but could not even begin to type out a full post on it.

With my unintended and honestly unwanted break, I ended up having more time to pour into relationships. Perhaps God wanted me to unplug to really work on bonding with my family. We went rafting, shopping, golfing, bargin hunting, walking in the mountains and enjoyed a huge amount of food. I loved every minute of it. I will try to post pictures on here later 🙂

While we were in the mountains half way across the country my dear auntie had quadruple bypass heart surgery. After a routine check up and blood work they discovered that she had a 98% blockage. They kept her in the hospital and operated the next day. I am so thankful that she has been so good at getting routine physicals and they found it because the doctors continued to marvel at the fact that she was alive. So I flew to Ohio and am now caring for her. Again I had visions of down time and having the opportunity to write everyday, but nope. This place has been hoping with visitors almost every hour of the day. I have become her personal assistant with phone messages, crowd control and keeping appointments straight.

Finally it is quiet around her so I stole away to her office to get on the computer. She doesn’t have WiFi so I had to boot up this old beast of a PC and wait. I laughed as my fingers touched the keys. I have been using my iPad and laptop so much that I forgot what keys like this felt like. Man technology changes quickly.

I will admit I am mourning the loss of a beautiful blog post that I wrote on a WordPress app when I did not have internet. I was sitting on the plane to Cleveland and finally finished a post about this beautiful thing God showed me a month ago and when I went to upload it my words were gone.  Somehow it did not save.  Believe me I was so disappointed. So I will start over.

This afternoon I am hoping that I can get writing and get a couple posts done. Plans that I feel like I have had for ages, when really it was just a couple weeks. Tonight I will be baking 🙂 I will have to tell you all about this adorable lady that lives next door.  Just wanted to catch you up! Believe me I am back 🙂


P.S. Pray for my Auntie’s quick recovery and a patient heart. She is so anxious to be up and independent again. I worry she is going to over do it 🙂 And pray for words for me, we have been having many interesting conversations about Jesus.


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